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My Secret….

Is being an Empath and my Secret love is reading the Tarot!

For years now I’ve secretly known that I’ve had an ability to feel empathy towards others when I’m in their presence, but it’s only just recently that I have owned up to this fact. The way that I can describe it, it’s like being in tune to other people’s thoughts and feelings, so whatever you feel I feel!

I have been fascinated by all things esoteric ever since I can remember. It has a strange but welcoming pull and it’s an area where I feel safe and at home!

I first had my palm read when I was about fourteen years old and I loved it and started to study it immediately. From there I also dabbled in dowsing and the oui-ja board, but the one subject that stuck with me and fascinated me the most was the Tarot!

When I held my first pack of cards, it resonated with me so much that I knew instantly that the Tarot was going to be in my life forever. It feels like I have found my calling in life!

I love the way it tells a unique story and it offers insights into your life and shows you paths that you can follow, or not. I love it so much that I am now offering it to you to help answers some of those tricky questions on relationships and love. I don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago, I suppose it is better late than never!

At the moment I am offering email readings only and I will use a number of techniques that I have learned throughout the years to come to a conclusion.

I will be using my empathic abilities mixed with a little numerology and Astrology and my knowledge of the power of colour to give you a fascinating read. All I need is your real name, your date of birth, place and time of birth, your question, and you can add some additional information that you think may be useful for me to know. You also have the option to add your photograph if you wish, it is entirely up to you to decide.

After you have made a payment to PayPal, you should be redirected to the page to fill out your details. If you payed by card then you should find a link on the receipt that you can copy to your browser, it will take you straight to the page. You then should receive your reading in a PDF document in 7 business days, (that don’t include the weekend) and you can use it to refer back to it. I normally give readings that last for one month only.

I look forward to meeting you, and I cannot wait to answer your questions!

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What you will receive is a detailed email PDF document answering your question about love and relationships.

“How do I get started?”

Choose option 1 – This is a quick but powerful reading where I choose one card and answer one question.

Choose option 2 – This is a compatibility for two, where I can show you areas where you compliment each other, how you challenge one another and what you can do to understand one another. I also answer one question as well.

Choose option 3 – This is a more detailed relationship spread where I can use up to fifteen cards, and I will choose a spread at my discretion, and I will answer up to three questions.

You will be brought to a Paypal page where you will make the payment first; then you will fill out a form with all of the details that I need to conduct the reading. Make the question as brief but as detailed as possible, and it will be better to answer specific questions. It doesn’t matter what currency you use, PayPal will convert it for you. The payment will be shown in English pounds.

Buy an email tarot reading

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Tarot doesn’t tell you what you want to know. It tells you what you need to know. Honesty is paramount. But you should be aware that tarot readings are not set in stone, you have the power to change it or follow it’s path. Whatever message comes across is said to you how I see it, whether it be positive or negative.

Email Tarot Readings are a great way to talk about any sensitive and personal topics but done in a completely anonymous way that is 100% confidential.

I recommend that you can have a reading done once a month, if you can leave it longer then do so but once per month should be okay.

The information that you will receive is mind-blowing, but my grammar is not 100% accurate, so I apologise now for making any mistakes!

Tarot does not predict the future, but it does enable you to reflect upon what the universe is telling you through its messages. Treat it like your psychic adviser and remember, you have the power to change it!

Tarot is for entertainment purposes only, and datingnotice doesn’t offer any guarantees for the accuracy of the information given. There are no refunds after the information has been sent to you. I do not provide advice on health, death, baby, pregnancy or any financial advice. No guarantee can be given to the accuracy of the reading. You are responsible for your life. You must be over 18 years old to have access to tarot readings.