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Receive your FREE Mini Course

5 Healing Steps to take to get over your ex. Can you visualise that at the very end of this healing aid you will be on your way to taking the first tentative steps towards a new way of thinking and being more open and honest with yourself and with those around you.

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11 Must See Demetri Martin breakup lines that are funny

I can’t believe I'm posting Demetri Martin breakup lines, but I am. They are funny as long as you don’t take them too seriously. I would never suggest that you use any of these lines on anyone as they are [...]

23 Reasons why borderline personality disorder will stop you from dating

First of all what exactly is borderline personality disorder, well it is part of a cluster of personality disorders. There is cluster A, B and C. Cluster A includes schizophrenic and paranoid personalities. Cluster C includes obsessive-compulsive disorders as well [...]

45 Fascinating marilyn monroe quotes about relationships and life

Marilyn Monroe had an IQ of 165, so it is not surprising she had a lot to say in the form of great quotes and sayings. She was and still is one of the most remarkable women in the world. [...]

101 Best Thought Provoking quotes about breakups

Here are 101 quotes about breakups that will help ease the suffering that can be caused by them. Knowing you are not the only one to have gone through this hell is bound to relieve your affliction in some way. [...]

Lovestruck Dating Site Review for 2016

Lovestruck dating site was made with the professional working person in mind. It was made for those out there who are strapped for time and this is my review of it. Single Professionals tend to work odd and long hours [...]