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About datingnotice.com. I have a unique perspective on relationships by drawing upon my experiences I can share with you, my knowledge through my blog. This is where I will share everything I’ve done throughout my life and all that I have learned.

I believe you can bounce back from any situation life throws at you by talking and using precise courses of action even if you are short on time you need to be studious and get creative.

Welcome to my blog!


Hi, Lovely to meet you! I’m Jennifer, and I am the eyes and ears and chief writer for my blog datingnotice.com


I have an obsession with beautiful objects and somehow the colour pink. Not too long ago I adopted a cat and her two little kittens of which have now formed a gang and are slowly but systematically tearing my house to shreds, but I love them!

My blog reflects my decision to talk about my experiences dealing with toxic people and the ups and downs of social and romantic relationships. I discuss narcissism, and it’s many faces along with other personality disorders. I am looking to help you find ways to assist in the fight to obtain happiness and restore calm within oneself to help combat the negativity associated with being in the presence of a toxic person.

You must read my 15 Powerful quotes that will instantly change your life for the better. It is a game changer for you if you have ever had to deal with unhappiness and toxic people.

A bit about me

Hello there, I’m Jennifer Harry, and I live in a friendly and happy town in Leicestershire England. I am married with three kids, and I love to travel to different countries. I am in love with large stately houses and am an avid member of the national trust which provides much-needed escapism as I like to imagine that I own one of those houses. We’ve enjoyed some great picnics and appreciated learning something new.

I was born in London in the early seventies, the second youngest out of five siblings. When I was approaching a year old, my family moved up north to Yorkshire so that my dad could be closer to his work.

I was born with jaundice and a lump on my lip, that hurt so I couldn’t have been one of the easiest babies to look after, especially since the lump got removed at age seven.  I was embarrassed by the lump, but I’m not sure if my mother was as well, but it made it hard for me, I felt self-conscious even as a very young child I knew that there was something odd about me, this is probably one of the reasons why I am introverted.


As a child, I was an avid reader of horror stories and made it my mission to read each book I could find in the school library, I also loved going to the town library. I sought quiet sanctuary in its dark wooden shelves, grabbing any book I wanted to read and sitting at a table to scour its contents. I spent an awful lot of time there.

At home, I poured over a Be-ro baking book savouring its contents and imagined eating all the various concoctions that were splashed all over its pages. I would bake different recipes, I remember baking gingerbread but making it over and over to get it right, for some reason it didn’t taste good, but my mum loved it and would look forward to me making it.


I am a dreamer and creative person, so I wasn’t very academic, and admittedly didn’t do too well at school. It was much later in life I gained my BA (Hons) in art and design. I do believe that some kids are not ready to make major life decisions at such a young age, some are I suppose we are all different.


My home life was chaotic, cramped and loud. I had a disabling fear of insects which made going to the allotment that my parents owned a bit of a nightmare situation. Luckily there were two entry ways into the allotment, the usual way which looking back on it now was pretty and gorgeous with Lupins and foxgloves towering over the bushes that were used to separate people’s allotments to give them a bit of privacy, and the second entry way was the graveyard way. The allotment, situated beyond an old redundant derelict graveyard was perfect as it had no flowers in sight. So I ended up using this way quite a lot, much to the annoyance of everyone else! I am a fan of horror books and films, so I wonder if it was because of this that I seek comfort in this particular genre. Going the safe way was the only way I would enter the allotment, not the dreaded elegant flowery way. I hated the buzzing of the bluebottle’s and wasps and bees and butterflies, which looked devastatingly beautiful but deadly dangerous to a young me.

It was when I was a small child age six or seven that I decided that I didn’t believe in God having been raised in a Catholic household, it was at the same time that I started having strange, vivid dreams that I still have today, I think they call it lucid dreaming or night terrors. I can recount the dreams that I had when I was age six; they are still very much part of my life even now all these years later.

My Illnesses

Growing up I suffered from lots of mystery illnesses that doctors couldn’t figure out. I was born with a lump on my lip and first suffered with hidradenitis at around the age of ten, I had a lump on my bottom, making it difficult for me to walk and I suffered from this all the way up until my early twenties, the illness switched to a different location as I had it in both my armpits. It did make my life a bit of a living hell. At age seventeen I was formerly diagnosed with Crohn’s disease having had a severe episode of bleeding and an episode of hidradenitis which was located on my ankle causing severe swelling and pain. Having this made walking difficult, I could have done with a walking aid, but I didn’t ask for one, so I struggled walking everywhere. It was around this period that I met my husband to be. It was love at first sight, and we have been together ever since. I have suffered from cramping abdominal pains due to Crohn’s, on and off all throughout my life with bouts of hidradenitis and iritis/uveitis. There were a few years where I had hardly any symptoms at all, it has only been the last couple of years where I’ve had a lot of the symptoms come back again. At the moment I have uveitis pain and am suffering from a bout of Crohn’s with a bout of hidradenitis under my arms. They are all related to Crohn’s and can be quite debilitating at times; it feels like I have a hidden handicap.


When I met my husband to be, we had a whole year of bliss before we had to go and visit his family. It Was the most stressful event of my entire life. We lived under 200 miles away from my family who lived up north and his family that lived down south thank goodness if we had of lived closer I’m not sure if we would be together, as they caused a lot of trouble and resentment between us.

As I mentioned before my blog is a series of reflections about the different experiences I had been through and I want to be able to inspire you to come out and tell me what you have been through. If you need to talk through your experiences then contact me here, I will counsel and coach you into being able to go about your normal life, just like I have been able to do using various methods and stress relief techniques.


about-datingnotice.comWhat can I do for you? How can I help you?

Here is a chance for you to offload your relationship troubles.

I believe that everyone has the right to live a more fulfilling and rewarding life, and to do that you have to be clear where you stand in your relationships with others.

I hear so many stories of couples blindly going about their business, not knowing that they are both heading in different directions.

There are so many red flags that appear and dismissed as minor problems, only for them to surface bigger than ever and usually turn out to be the cause of their breakup.

So be wary of those minor problems/red flags. Have serious conversations with each other and be open-minded to trying different therapies.

Well…I have had my fair share of turmoil in my life so far, dealing with in-laws, siblings, relationship problems and just plain old nastiness and cruelty. I have been through most things, (not really serious though) but enough to cause a lot of ripples….

What do I offer? What type of stuff is on my blog?

My goal is to help as many people as I possibly can by offering insights into other people lives and the relationships they forge with others. I will be discussing the actions of people and why they do what they do or say what they say when times get tough in a relationship.

I am a survivor of narcissistic abuse, and I want to share my knowledge to all of you who want to know how to spot the signs. It could be a partner, your child, your parent, your work colleagues or your siblings. By me telling my stories and helping others, I hope you will learn where your boundaries lay.

I have a natural ability for knowing about narcissists and their downright peculiar nonsensical behaviour. They appear everywhere and come in many different guises. Lots of blogs routinely keep saying that the bad behaviour of certain people as being passed off as narcissistic and it really isn’t fair to band out this word so much. You cannot label a person as being this personality because they show one trait.

If you have genuinely been in the company of this ‘species’ then you would know to stop labelling everyone you come across that shows difficult behaviour as one. It takes a special type of person to have theses traits, but they must show a number of traits, not just one.

My knowledge is not born out of having a degree in psychology, but by being immersed in their toxic behaviour. I was bought up by narcissists and have unfortunately married into it, (though thank goodness my husband is not one) it was his immediate family.

I was stuck in a rut about it for many years not being able to talk about it. I have made the decision to talk about it with you.

I wanted to help myself get over it and I am taking things slowly and seeing the light more and more each day.

Please send me an email about this or any other troubles or successes you might have had or be in the middle of right now. Or ask me a question. If you want me to I could feature it on my site and try my best to answer you in a frank way. 

Wishing you every success for your future life.

All the best

Jennifer. x