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annikin tarot

Annikin tarot or Annikin divination systems as it is rightly called, is a free psychic tarot website that you can join to be able to receive free readings.

It is known as my divination.com and it has a variety of different prediction tools to use.

It deals a lot with questions about love and relationships with lots of people asking about their lost loves, or about their current relationship, about any problems in their relationship and whether or not they are loved.

Annikin Tarot

Annikin Tarot is divided up into different categories there is :

#Body, self and health.

#Business related.

#Classic spreads.

#Daily and weekly spreads.


#General spreads.


#Love and relationships.

#Past, present and future spreads.

The tarot card spreads that are the most popular in the love and relationships section are:

Annikin lost love.

The problem with us.

Our relationship.

Am I loved.

You, me and us.

Cup of relationship spread.

Let’s take a brief look at what makes these spreads so special.

Annikin Tarot

Annikin Tarot

Annikin Lost Love by Ann Murkett


Is a spread designed to be used to help you find out whether a lost love will return to you.

When you click on the link it takes you to a page where you enter your question of choice and in a few short seconds you will be able to read what it says.

There is also an option to change the tarot reading into a cartomancy reading or a Rune reading if you so wish.

Annikin Tarot

Our Relationship is By May Read Tarot


This spread was created using fifteen cards and it was designed for you to see what the score is in regards to your relationship.

This is a large reading with fifteen cards for your partner and fifteen cards for you too.

The tarot will answer questions about your partners feelings, what the personal situation is and what is going on inside the home.

It also as the same of you.

You will also find out what may happen in the present or near future, what keeps you both together, what divides you, what are each other’s feelings and what are the expectations.

It also delves into your outer circle too.

What your family and friends  think of your relationship, are they supportive or are they wanting you to divide.

And last there is the outcome.

This will tell you what may happen in the future with a positive or negative.

Annikin Tarot

Am I Loved is By Ann Murkett


This is an uncomplicated spread and it uses two cards.

Am I Loved is used to find out if there is love between two people.

There are two unembellished questions.

Am I loved?

And do I return this love?

This spread may seem quite short but nonetheless it gives good results every time it is used.

Annikin Tarot

You, Me and Us is by Moontoadie


This is a tarot spread using fifteen cards for one person and fifteen for the other.

It is quite a lengthy reading but very thorough.

The general questions used are about your thoughts my thoughts, on what I think, our thoughts and what we think, your feelings my feelings, what we want, what we all what are our needs and what will be the outcome.

Cup of Relationships Spread is by Crystal Sage.


This spread explores the relationship between two people.

It looks at the foundation of the relationship, the past and what lies there, what the current state of the relationship, the obstacles, views and expectations of the couple and what’s the best outcome is.

This spread uses nine cards to aid you in your quest for knowledge.

The Problem With Us Spread by Ann Murkett.


It states on the Annikin Tarot website that this spread can be used for any relationship problem that you have.

It deals with where you stand now and points out any matters that relate to you.

Also where your partner is now and any matters that relate to them.

It deals with what the main problem is with the two of you and how did the problem start or stem from.

Also what the future holds for you.

Annikin Divination System is a large resource of information that you can easily access at your fingertips.

Here are five tips to help you get the most out of it.

1. Remember that this is for entertainment purposes only.

2. If you access the tarot too often you may not get the correct answer that is relevant to you. Ultimately, it’s down to you whether you have tarot card readings or not. You can have as many as you want.

3. Try to be as detailed as possible when you ask your question. This advice may not be as relevant here because this is an auto generated answer, but just be as clear as possible.

4. Don’t just rely on the system, talk to a real Tarot card reader too.

5. Limit your readings and try not to become too addicted to checking on the status of your relationship.

I hope that you enjoy your time looking at the Annikin Tarot Spreads. If you have any success at this, it would be lovely to hear from you. Please comment below.

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