7 Secret Aquarius Personality Characteristics

aquarius personality traits

7 Secret Aquarius Personality Characteristics

The Aquarius Personality

We all know that being an Aquarius is the greatest thing ever, but were you ever aware that you are an independent spirit who has some excellent communication skills and you possess an intelligence that other star signs would be very jealous of? If this rings true then please read on to learn some more secrets of the Aquarius!

What is the best match for an Aquarius?


The best match for an Aquarius would be Leo or Sagittarius. Both are fire-signs and because Aquarius is an Air sign you will be good with either of them. Fire-signs are hot and you will fan the flames down a little and bring them back to their place!

What do Aquarius not get along with?


As an Aquarius you would probably not get along with these five signs. You won’t like Scorpio – they are too jealous.

You will not get on with the Taurus sign either – you are both too stubborn.

Cancer is to opposite for you in many ways and Capricorn is more of a friend than a lover.

And last of all Pisces – you will just remain friends and there is no point in trying to pursue a romantic relationship just won’t work at all.

1. You are a perplexing and bewildering character who’s nature lies in the esoteric naturally. People find you fascinating to be around but also mysterious. They can’t quite put their finger on what makes you so intriguing to be around but they find you delicious all the same.

2. You have a unique eccentricity about you. Your behaviour is unconventional and slightly strange at times. You also have a peculiar and individualist views about many different topics, making you very interesting for others to be around to hear you talk about your interests.

3. You can be viewed as somewhat of a misfit, a loveable one, who can be forgiven many times over. At times your attitude does tend to set you apart from others and you have a knack of making others feel slightly uncomfortable, but not for long!

4. Your unique and wicked sense of humour sets you apart from every other sign. You are a bit of a maverick as far as humour goes and you tend to take jokes a little too far, but as always, you seem to get away with it!

5. Because of your free-spirited nature and your love of being unconventional you have a remarkable ability to exploit this way of thinking and use it to create or even carve out a successful career for yourself. Whatever it is that you do, other people are going to love it, because you are successful at it, you want to share your knowledge with everyone giving them a chance to be successful to.

6. You love to make friends with people and once they are your friend you will do anything for them, but you need this level of friendship back from them too. But it is not always reciprocated back to you because you have a very high energy and they just cannot compete with you at all.

7. You are a sign that is a head of your time because you passionately believe in equality for everyone. You have have a strong desire for freedom within yourself. You would love being able to think and do as you like within reason of course but your outlook on life has always been the same, and that is that everyone, no matter where they are from, are capable of greatness within them. You have the power of transformation and you have the power of great change in the world.

aquarius personality


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