9 Important Aries Personality Traits That Are Flawed

Normally Aries Personality Traits are some of the fiercest and bravest of them all. Find out why this isn’t always the case!

Why is it that Aries characters are so angry at times, isn’t this just annoying?

It just makes you think that Aries people don’t get along with anyone?

I’m sure that they do having said that, they do tend to be nice people at times!

Have you ever wondered if Aries and Taurus get along with each other? What about the secrets some Aries men keep to themselves, it is time to unravel them and find out what makes them tick! And just what is the meaning of the name Aries? If you want to know, please read on!

aries personality traits


Aries Personality Traits

You hate being a spectator. You have the energy to get up and go to do things, but the minute you see it’s a lost cause then you are out.

You don’t like giving things a second chance! If this sounds like you Aries then please read on because you are going to read about the not so nice parts of your character.

Are Aries Angry?

At times you are angry, yes, but you are not one to hold onto a grudge. You may blow up in people‘s faces, but you soon forget about it.

What Sign is Aries?

Aries belong to the group of fire-signs along with Leo and Sagittarius.

Do Fire-Signs Get Along?

On the whole yes, fire signs do get along, but it can be explosive and volatile at times.

Do Aries and Taurus Get Along?

Having the right traits/moon sign and similar personalities I can’t see why not, but Taurus  never forgets the arguments you’re bound to have. So be wary!

What is The Meaning Of The Name Aries ?

The name Aries is actually a Latin word for RAM!

Aries Personality Traits

Aries Qualities!

Aries March 21 – April 19
Element – fire
Quality – Cardinal

“Getting to know and understand Aries Personality Traits will benefit you so much in the long run, it will create harmony between you both, and you will begin to understand why Aries do what they do” Say Astrostyle

1. You can have an overbearing nature to you that is controlling and oppressive, be careful that you don’t turn your household into a tyrannical mess. Try and realise what you are doing and step back and observe. First.

2. You see it as just regulating, others see it as controlling, again step back and review the situation from a different perspective. People are more likely to listen to you.

3. At times your comments can seem sharp, tactless, self-centred and rude. It’s not in your nature to be spiteful so be more considerate and try and be tactful and think first before you open your mouth!

4. Your extremely ambitious nature can be exhausting to be around.

5. You are blunt at times and sometimes this can be positive thing but most of the time you are just hurting peoples feelings.

6. You see it as just being adventurous, but others see you playing with fire. What hare-brained scheme are you going to come up with next time?

7. You have a quick temper keeping people on their toes at times. You are famous for doing this, and what’s worse is that you instantly forget what it was that make you angry in the first place!

8. You are impulsive, hasty and act without thought. You are erratic in nature and extremely fickle going from one inconsistent thought to another.

9. You are often a jumble of emotions. You can feel disturbed, estatic, excitable, fanatical, firey, histerical, irrational and nervous all at the same time!

Aries Personality Traits


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