Narcissist dumped me – 7 Reasons Why You Had a Lucky Escape!

Why a narcissist dumped me? A narcissist way of communicating any ideas to you is to do so in a dramatic way. It makes it highly entertaining for them and fun at the same time. For a narcissist, it can [...]

9 Reasons Why Abandoning A Narcissist Will Change Your Life

Narcissists typically believe they deserve special recognition for their superior talent or intelligence, which they feel gives them the right to exploit, demean, and use others. Being with a narcissist is soul destroying, confidence depleting and can leave you feeling [...]

The Insider’s Guide to narcissistic personality disorder

What is a narcissist? What is narcissistic personality disorder? A general summary of what narcissistic personality disorder is, does not justify what a truly horrifying and harrowing Cluster B personality type ever to have the misfortune for any human being [...]

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