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All it takes is four easy steps to join one of the most popular online dating sites in the UK today.

eharmony login

eharmony login & review

eHarmony have based their success on their unique Compatibility Matching System for the UK in collaboration with the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford.

eHarmony have devised a system where they concentrate on finding you an intelligent match to give you the best chance for finding you a long and happy relationship.

So they are more interested in matching you with the right candidate rather than sending you lots and lots of different profiles for you to look at and they prefer quality rather than quantity.

Meet Serious Singles Online

eHarmony was founded by a clinical psychologist and marriage counsellor, Dr Neil Clark Warren, Wikipedia, who, as it seems, has spent over thirty five years scientifically applying methods to understand what makes couples happy.

They have developed an in-depth questionnaire for its members to complete, and these results are used to determine what your personality is to match you to your ideal partner.

It is a Free report for you to keep and it will be useful to refer back to when needed.

eHarmony is a serious, reputable dating agency that has made millions of matches that have led on to marriage, so it is only for the serious person that wants to settle down.

eHarmony takes their privacy and security tremendously seriously by only allowing you to view your matches when you are a member, you are certainly not allowed to view random pictures, it is your match only.

What does eHarmony offer me?

  • I love the website design, it is a clear and modern website that is not confusing and is easy to navigate.
  • It currently has created 72,000 long term relationships.
  • It has 4 million members.
  • The ratio between men and women is 1:1.
  • Privacy is paramount.
  • Only make meaningful introductions.
  • You are more likely to find someone who truly understands you.
  • Information about how to complete the questionnaire and how to complete your profile.
  • Great date guide for all over the UK from members recommendations.
  • Great Relationship advice.
  • Lots of safety tips and videos to make sure you are safe.

Specialised related sites that cater for

  • Professional singles.
  • Asian singles
  • Over 50s singles
  • Black singles
  • Muslim singles
  • Christian singles
  • Indian singles
  • eHarmony also cater for city daters, Belfast, Oxford, Birmingham, Brighton, Manchester, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Cambridge.

With anything in life, it pays to not rush things and to take your time, you are making decisions that are going to affect the rest of your life, so shouldn’t be taken lightly. Do not rush the personality profile, take your time and really think things through.

So far this is one of my favourite websites for dating as the site is really fun to look at and it’s nice and modern. If you want to have a look at it now then click the button below(it will open up a new window)

eharmony cost

£25.95 pm total connect for 6 months save 26%
£17.95 pm Great value 24 months save 49%
£22.95 pm Best Value 12 months save 34%
£34.95 pm Popular choice 6 months
£13.95 pm basic great savings 24 months save 69%
£21.95 pm best value 12 months save 51%
£32.95 pm popular choice 6 months save 27%

eharmony login


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