The 3 Biggest Facade Tarot Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Facade Tarot

Facade tarot

It’s astounding how much free stuff you can find on the internet these days!

Sometimes you just think what’s the catch?

Well there is no catch here. Just like the other three Tarot websites I have looked at, they seem to have put in a good deal of hard work, just to provide you with a fun way of looking at things.

Hats off to them!

Facade Tarot

Facade Tarot is another free and very vast website that offers you a varying choice of readings.


You get to choose between having:

#a tarot reading

#or having a look at today’s I Ching

#or the runes

#or even looking at your biorhythms

#having a stichomancy reading

#or bibliomancy reading

#heads or tails,

#free numerology report

#a look at getting your yes or no questions answered. is a tarot reading site that might have had potential years ago, but recently, it’s become very dated and not something that anyone’s going to want to come back to.

States and to be completely honest, I kind of agree with these people.

But, you cannot argue with the figures, this site is a very popular one with it having at least two million visitors per month or more!

This site may look a little outdated, but it is what people are looking for.

Facade Tarot also have a humongous list of celebrity readings that are free to view and have a look at to see how the day is going to go for them.

Facade Tarot

For the tarot reading you have a choice of using different tarot cards. There is a choice of:

#Aquatic tarot – Is a watercolour version of the popular Raider Waite Tarot Card.
#Ator Tarot – Is like a cartoon version of the Raider Waite.
#Benedetti Tarot- Is inspired by one of the earliest known Tarot Card decks. It has a beautiful simple design and is very eye catching.
#Cat people Tarot – by Karen Kuykendall These cards have drawings of people serving their cat masters. It is very mystical and full of fantasy.
#Colman Smith Tarot by Samvado Gunnar Kossatz has redesigned the classic Rider-Waite and has used very psychedelic colours to make the drawings and symbols stand out.
#Curious Tarot
#Golden Tarot
#Haindl Tarot
#International Icon Tarot
#Lovecraft Tarot
#Marseiles Tarot
#Minchiate Tarot
#Palladini Tarot
#Phoenix Tarot
#Renaissance Tarot
#Rider Waite Tarot
#Russian Tarot St Petersburg
#Sola Busca Tarot
#Voodoo Tarot of New Orleans
#William Blake Tarot

Facade Tarot

Facade Tarot also uses the classic rider wait tarot cards by Pamela Coleman Smith and Arthur Edward Waite. These tarot cards are the most popular on the market and they have the most widely recognised symbolism that is known all over the world.

I decided to have a reading and my question was “how was my day going to go today?

Yes I know it’s vague, but I want to test this out to see how it behaves.

I chose the Golden tarot deck and my options of the spreads was plentiful.

There is also an option to have your spread chosen for you, or you can have the Celtic cross or a creative process or a cross and the triangle, fourfold vision, Hagall, one card, relationship reading, shadow truth, three fates, twisting path and two Path.

They all sounded really intriguing. But overwhelming! You are not going to be bored here, as there are plenty of options to choose from.

I chose the shadow truth. I had an inkling as to what this was. And it sounded good. So I picked it.

Facade Tarot

The reading had to reversals included into it and to tell you the truth I did feel a bit disheartened by it, so if you want to more optimistic reading then don’t choose cards that are reversed, if you can that is.

But reversals don’t always mean that it’s going to be more negative reading but it does have more negative associations.

The shadow truth spread provide you with what you are thinking deep down and watch you may be hiding from other people.

If you’re having trouble confronting something that this is the spread to go for.

Facade Tarot

The Three Biggest Mistakes to Avoid Using Facade Tarot


1. Make sure that you are prepare yourself mentally for reading because these cards don’t hold back.

2. Make sure that your question has been thought through. Be as detailed as you possibly can.

3. One of the biggest mistakes that you could make on this website is if you don’t like the reading to keep having it again and again, which can be quite tempting, but the more you keep asking the same question and having a reading, the more fake it becomes.

So just stick to the one reading per day if you can.

Facade Tarot

What are your thoughts about using Facade Tarot? Do you like using it? Or have you had negative experiences using it? I would love to know, please leave your comments below.

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