7 Best Free Online Tarot Card Readings (You Need to Know About)

What thoughts are conjured up in your mind when you think about Free Online Tarot Card Readings?Free Online Tarot

There are so many of you out there that assume that the Tarot must be associated with something more sinister than what they actually are!

Horror films love to depict Tarot cards as an evil sign of some sort, but, this premise only works on those of you who don’t have a clue as to what their real purpose is.

Those in the know have the knowledge to comprehend that the cards can be used to help you and can act as a guide to gauge where in life that you need the most help in that given moment.

Tarot cards can make your life flow easier and can support you through difficult times.

They offer you a helping hand when you need it the most.

It’s always best to get a proper reading done by a human being, I offer Tarot Readings by email specialising in Relationships and Dating by the way! If you wanted to speak to someone on the phone look here at  Lotus They have an excellent reputation and they are international too, just like me! Just click on the link and Lotus will offer you a free Tarot reading!

Isn’t it great that we can access so much information on the internet? We take so many things for granted! Some really cool people have spent many hundreds of hours creating some awesome websites like Psymon Tarot, Byzant Tarot, Nancy Garen, divitarot.com, NewAge Store, Egyptian Tarot by horoscope.com and my divination.com.

They are all automated Tarot reading websites that you can visit and get an instant answer to your questions. Their answers may be a little vague, but they are still a vast resource that is being used by millions of people everyday.

You may be wondering what are these websites and why are they so popular?

Well if you have never had a Tarot Card Reading before, then these sites are probably best if you are a first timer into this world of divination.

They are easy to use and you get an instant answer. Some ask you to write your questions down in the box provided, some give you a reading straight away, so as a warning, be prepared before you click the link.

I am going to quickly go through each Tarot site and I will show you what to expect. If you find this interesting then please leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Free Online Tarot Reading Psymon Tarot

What Does Psymon Tarot Do?

What Everyone Ought To Know About Psymon Tarot

To look at the website it can lead you down a rabbit hole of history and interesting facts about bookbinding bookmaking. The owner has a guestbook that has long since been defunct, that dates back to 1996! This website is an original and has probably answered millions of questions.

What does Psymon Tarot offer?

It offers you the chance to ask any question that you need answering, with one card.


Three Best Things About Psymon Tarot

1. It has been established for a long time
2. It offers a clear and easy to understand format
3. It’s a friendly website and you can ask it any question you want.

Psymon tarot reading
I asked it a question and this it what it gave me.


In what way can I learn from the negative experiences that I suffered with from my mother and father in law.

The human mind is a powerful thing. It is never more evident than in sleep and dreams, when it paints our hopes and fears in vivid colors. We can do anything and anything can be done to us. Our vulnerability opens us up to view the best and worst possible consequences. We can use our mind to evoke positive imagery to help us achieve goals, or we can use it to allow negative imagery to storm the fortress of our security and inner faith with doubt and self-defeat.
This card, the Nine of Swords, deals with the power our mind has to overwhelm us with doubts and pain. These feelings can be real or imagined, just as our dreams can be real or imagined events in our lives.
Therefore this card is represented by a sleeping woman, lying between reality and dreams. She lies on a bridge, as sleep is often called the bridge between dreams and reality, the bridge between life and death. Above her in the airy clouds are her fears and insecurities, as represented by demons and devils in a wildly agitated night sky. An angel points a sword through her, symbolising the real possibility that her fears may very well pierce through from her dream world into the real world if she lets them manipulate her, or the sword may cut through the false illusions of her dreams to what is real.
The Nine of Swords warns us not to let our doubts and fears overwhelm us and control our lives. We must put them aside and not dwell on their possibilities, real though they may be. We must remember they are not necessarily future events; however, they are an unfortunate distraction from concrete attempts to overcome problems in our lives. If we pay too much credence to our fears they will control us and become a self-fulfilling prophecy of loss.
The negative of this card would be letting inner fears overcome you and control your life. You have become the warden of your own inner prison.
A movie that deals with manipulation and false and real perceptions of reality is The Devil’s Advocate, where the devil manipulates a man’s destiny.

Even though this was done automatically I liked the advice given, even if it was a little bit vague, I still got some valuable feedback.

Free Online Tarot Card Reading

About Byzant Tarot


This is a large website which again has been well established. It’s been around since 1999 and is still going strong today. It offers a wide variety of readings.

What does Byzant tarot offer?


It offers you a wide variety of different readings ranging from one card to a full spread which is great, but the information given to you is a bit generalised. I’m not entirely sure if fullyanswers my question, but I can’t complain, it is a free reading after all.

Rather than type my question in like Psymon tarot, I had to focus on my question in mind and Byzant then dealt the cards. I opted for a three card spread to see if my answer would be a little clearer.

Three best things about Byzant tarot.

1. It’s easy to navigate website

2. It offers you plenty of choice you can have one card reading or a much larger spread with plenty of explanations.

3. The website has astrology with other types of Tarot making it a fascinating experience.

An Incredible Byzant Tarot Reading.

I decided to ask the same question as the first reading to see what solutions it could offer me.

Free Online Tarot Card Reading Byzant Tarot

I’ve got to admit that I preferred the first readings answer and I felt that I didn’t get a good of an answer as I could have had. It felt a little bit more distant, so I would probably give it a lower score, but it still wasn’t too bad.

About Nancy Karen Tarot


Free Online Tarot Card Reading Nancy Garen


This is another automated tarot site that will never replace the compassion, knowledge and skills that she will get from a personal reading like what I provide, but is still fun all the same!

It offers a three card spread of past, present and future and you have to click on the card read what it’s got to say then click the back button. This can get a bit tedious after a while, but thankfully it is only three cards, so it is not so bad!

You also get a chance to click on the guidance, direction or inspiration box, just to see how you can get through your day!

Three Best Things About Nancy Garen Tarot


1. You get an instant result, the cards are already picked out for you, so it would be good to already have the question in mind before you click on the link.

2. It is a clear and concise reading.

3. You get a brief mini reading about focus, romance, career and fitness, health and family and friends.

As before I asked the same question as before just to see what the result would be.

Free Online Tarot Card Reading Nancy Garen

Free Online Tarot Card Reading Nancy Garen

Free Online Tarot Card Reading Nancy Garen

This is okay if you want to brief mini reading, but again this is not something you want to rely on. You are much better off getting a real reading from real person.

What Everyone Should Know About DiviTarot

Online tarot card reading divitarot.com

Dennis Lapiere, the creator of this free to use website, sits proudly on the front page of this website.

To be quite honest I didn’t know what to expect, so I just took a plunge and had a go!

He has French and Spanish versions of this resource too, this is the reason why millions of users use this site per month I guess?

I thought about my question and clicked on the link.

The Reading opened up into another tab and there before me was a rather lengthy reading, that was very very vague, on first impressions it didn’t really answer my question at all. But having read the text over a little bit more, I can see parts that I reasonate with.  I have the option to get information on my three paradoxes so I did, I didn’t show it because I got loads of info to look through. It’s probably a better idea if you had a look yourself and asked  your own questions to see what kind of answer comes up for you.

I then had an option of looking at a concern, and because my question was about a concern I decided to click on it. Here it is.

A female being from the afterlife wants to warn you of an imminent danger (on the financial level). She wants to inform you regarding a transaction (business proposition) (scam, fraud, etc.) that could wipe out all your projects for the future (or your long-term financial security). She is able to tell you exactly what it is and when it will happen. This being is not a member of your family. Nonetheless, she has a high rank in her world and has great powers. She has access to great knowledge and can answer many of your questions. Because of her rank, she very rarely intervenes (personally) on earth because this is not her role. If she does it with you, then, it means you are someone very special. She will, however, do nothing more because she knows that you have the ability to defend yourself if you are well informed. She has confidence in you and this is the reason why her actions stop here.

An impulsive person doubts your good intentions. There recently was an incident that was as regrettable as it was trivial, and since that time you have no longer been able to make him/her feel confidence in you. This person monitors all of your actions, because he/she misinterprets your thoughts. His/her distrust towards you is so great that now he/she is saying bad things about you. In fact, the damage done to your relationship with him/her seem important, because he/she suspects you of things that have no connection with you. You will have to regain his/her friendship, because you have a sacred bond with him/her. It is unfortunate that everything is so chaotic between you two, because in reality you have great esteem for each other. The rumors may be many, but the truth is that this person will not be able to go without you for very long, because the bond between you is remarkably strong!
You are going to receive an invitation from a woman you have not seen for a long time. This is a woman for whom you still have a lot of affection. The last time (or one of the last times) you spoke with her, it was to tell her that you had to cancel an appointment. This was due to something unexpected at the last minute and you struggled to explain the situation. This woman still loves you and still misses you. This is a woman who is a little younger than you are. She is sad to no longer see you (as she did before) and wants to reconnect with you. She has moved a few times in recent years and a lot of things have changed in her life. She works in a place where there are a lot of people. Her life is a constant battle. She just started a new job and she has still not totally adapted to her new environment. She would sincerely like to see you again because she misses you a lot.


I’ve only shown a small part of the reading because it was too lengthy!

After reading it, again it didn’t really answer my question at all, but it did give me a lot to think about!

Three best things about Divitarot

1. It does give a rather large reading. It gives you a lot to think about.
2. You get an instant result.
3. It’s a bit of fun entertainment that is more of a game than a real reading.


About NewAgeStore Tarot

Free Online Tarot Card Reading NewAgeStore


It’s amazing that you can get tons of free tarot readings at NewAgeStore.

It has been online since 1999 and is considered as the Premier spiritual place on the web.

New-age tarot produces over 2 1/2 million tarot card readings.
NewAgeStore has not changed one bit sent it first came on the web and has grown and grown and has become the place to go if you want a quick answer.

What does newagestore free tarot have to offer?

New age store tarot readings are very varied! It’s incredible that the owner can afford to provide so many free readings, but she does and it seems she has worked extremely hard to do this.

There are 11 NewAgeStore Tarot Card Readings

1. Celtic tarot spread, (full spread)
Gives you an overview of your situation.
2. 1 card Tarot reading
Gives you information that is to the point.
3. 2 card tarot reading
Helpes you decide on your focus.
4. 3 card tarot reading
This is a mini version of the newagestore 3 Card Tarot Reading
5. 12 month Tarot Reading
6. Astrology tarot reading
7. Creative tarot reading
8. Horseshoe Tarot spread
9. Lovers tarot
10. Tarot – who are you?
11. Tarot card reference

What an amazing amount of choice there is! I chose the new-age store one card tarot reading and the question I chose was the same questions that are used from the other three tarot card websites in here is my answer.

Full Meaning: Key Words for the Ace of Cups:

* Love
* Peace
* Patience
* Harmony
* Assurance
* Tranquility
* Compassion
* Acceptance

It’s been said that love is the most powerful, effective emotion known to mankind. If we keep this in mind while contemplating the ace of cups Tarot card meaning, we more easily understand the profound message it has for us.

Visually, this card is undeniably potent. I particularly gravitate to the Thoth rendition (shown left) of this card because it shows prominent emanations of energy spanning out in a web of connectivity. I perceive these waves of energy composed of compassion and love. As such, this card illustration reminds me of the power that love has over all things.

Yes, if you are wanting hard and fast ace of cups Tarot card meanings, most certainly it is a card symbolizing love as well as a signal of new relationships beginning (aces signifying new beginnings), but it’s much more than that.

This card is a sign of blessing. A blessing that assures us if we hold ourselves (our thoughts, feelings, body, etc) in a place of love there is no end to the beauty we may allow to flow into our lives.

The ace of cups is a message for us to start at the place of love. Whatever our intent, need, desire, direction may be; if we initiate your action from the starting point of love and compassion then our result will be blessed.

Consider some of the prime symbols we see on this ace.

Key symbols to the ace of cups Tarot card meanings:

Water: Water is a symbol of emotion and subconscious. Water also symbolizes purity, cleansing, and rebirth. It is associated with the moon too which causes its symbolism to lean towards femininity. This is in line with the core ace of cups Tarot meanings that deal with love and compassion. Although males are surely just as capable of love as women are – human history primarily hands over the softer, nurturing, compassionate concepts of love to women. There is further connection here because many First People (ancient cultures, primitive man) believe the earth was formed from a watery womb. Here we are seeing water as a symbol of love rebirth and all the other associations that go along with these. 

Lotus:Traditionally, the symbolic meaning of lotus deals with ascension (rising up to or above the occasion). When we see the lotus unfolding its petals beautifully in the midst of inky, murky soils we can liken ourselves unfolding as divine beings emerging out of unclear situations or states of consciousness. Simply put, the lotus in the ace of cups Tarot card tells us there is beauty in all things as long as we have the inner eyes to select only the beauty among us. This enhances the other prime symbols of the card as it dovetails into the idea that love, peace and regular renewal are keystones to igniting the new emotional highs in our life. 

These are powerful symbols, and this is an incredibly potent card. In a reading this card indicates new sparks of passion are being lit up in your life. It also tells the querent to start all endeavors from a place of love, and the results will always be blessed.

We can also see this card as a sign of renewal, rebirth, or starting over. Observe the other cards surrounding the ace of cups to obtain more clarity about this card’s meaning in your reading. For example, if you are reading for yourself, and health is in the uppermost of your thoughts, the surrounding cards may indicate you are experiencing a renewal in health.

In one of my readings I had the ace of cups Tarot card meaning reveal a remission in cancer was imminent. After talking with my client (and assuring her I was not a doctor, or extending medical advice) I shared with her I saw a relief in health concerns, an uplifting experience in matters of physical body. My client proceeded to tell me she had cancer, and was waiting on oncology tests confirming she is just recently entering a remission.

Some questions we can ask ourselves when we’re determining the ace of cups Tarot card meaning:

Am I approaching this task (event, issue, project, relationship, etc) from a position of love?
Am I stilling my mind and emotions long enough to emerge from confusion?
Am I ready to start a new relationship?
Am I giving myself the compassion, love and understanding I need?
Can I utilize compassion to resolve what it is that is hurting me in my life?

It’s not bad, but is nothing like having an honest answer from the real person. All answers are generated using a computer program.

Know About Egyptian Tarot by horoscope.com


Online tarot card reading

Again I thought about my question and picked a card!

Here is my reading. (Above)

The justice card was picked for my answer and I have to admit it has to be the best answer for my question yet!

horoscope.com has a huge range of different free tarot readings are lots of different categories including sunshine horoscopes, love readings, career, money, health, Chinese horoscope and numerology.

They are all free and if you wanted a bigger reading then that option is available too.

  • The tarot section has 27 different styles of readings it has:
    #Angel tarot
    #Break up Tarot
    #Daily tarot
    #Career tarot
    #Flirt tarot
    #Love tarot
    #Dream tarot
    #Egyptian Tarot- (the one I tried)
    #Egyptian Love
    #Erotic Tarot
    #Former flame
    #Friend or foe
    #Gems Oracle
    #Hot Topic
    #Inner Animal
    #Instant Answer
    #Love Potential
    #Lover’s Triangle
    #Make a Wish
    #Monthly Tarot
    #Past lives
    #Power Tarot
    #True Love
    #Weekly Tarot
    #White Magic
    #Zen Tarot
    #Money Tarot

horoscope.com is a premier fortune-telling website that has been around for years. It is definitely well worth a visit.

What You Ought to Know About mydivination Tarot

Free Online Tarot Card Reading mydivination.com

Again it’s a very large website with plenty of resources to keep you busy for a long time!

Due to my question  being about love and relationships I choose a simple spread from that section. It was the Annikin here and now spread and it is used to gain insight about here and now using one card only.

You can enter your question into the box provided and I used my question that I used on all my other readings, so it would be interesting to see what comes up this time.

Here is the answer is provided from me. (See below)

The annikin free tarot reading was short, but sweet and I liked the answer it gave me.

What was drawn was the strength card that I found highly appropriate, but the explanation was a little vague.

I suppose it is to be expected with it being an automated answer, but I drew comfort from it all the same.

Free Online Tarot Card Reading mydivination.com

Annikin Tarot has twenty six different types of spreads dealing with love and relationships. They are:

#A paramour’s Path – ten card tarot spread by Aly Vhodes
#The problem with us – a twelve card spread by Ann Murkett
#The inner peace spread – a six card spread by Hedy Maiman
#Success Reading – seventeen card spread by Chuck Spezzano, Ph.D
#The Lovers Triangle – a Thirteen card spread by Jeremy Lampkin
#Relationship Guidance & Answers – a thirteen card spread by MoonBear
#A Sacred Relationship Reading – a five card spread by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf
#You, Me and Us – Fifteen Card spread by Moontoadie
#Annikin Love – a two card spread by Ann Murkett
#Jealousy – a three card spread by Ann Murkett
#Annikin Here And Now – a one card spread by Ann Murkett
#Annikin Friend or Lover – Two Card spread by Ann Murkett
#Our Relationship – a fifteen Card spread by May Read Tarot
#Cup of Relationship – a nine card spread by crystal sage
#Bermuda Triangle – a ten card spread by Moontoadie
#Help with your Sex life – a Six Card spread by Moontoadie
#Finding a new love – a Six Card spread by Moontoadie
#New Love – An eleven card spread y Moontoadie
#Annikin Resolution – a three card spread by Ann Murkett
#Relating – a four card spread by Anonymous
#Am I Loved? – a two card spread by Ann Murkett
#Annikin Love Triangle – a ten card spread by Ann Murkett
#Niki’s Lover’s Guide – a four card spread by Niki Murkett
#Annikin Lost Love – three card spread by Ann Murkett
#Annikin Mix – a thirteen Card spread by Ann Murkett
#Relationship Reading – a nine card spread by Jolynn Kottke

My-divination is part of the Annikin network of websites and has been around since 1998!

I’m completely amazed by this information!

My conclusion is, although all of these readings are instant access, some of the information given wasn’t appropriate for my situation and it did lose my attention for a while because I found some parts, I’m afraid to say, a little boring to read.

By all means use these sites if you want to receive a quick answer, but you are much better off if you can receive a real reading done by human hands.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these free online tarot card reading websites before? What do you think of them? I would love to know what your opinion is about them. Oh and remember that any Tarot site that you come across is to be used as an entertainment purpose only.


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