Guardian Soulmate Review

The guardian Soulmates

Guardian Soulmate is a UK based online dating site with over two hundred thousand members registered both in the UK and abroad. It tends to attract people who are modern in attitude, independent and smart. It was founded by The Guardian newspaper in 2004.

Guardian Soulmate  is a dating site that caters for all age groups, all backgrounds, and all sexual orientations.

 It is not a dating site for people who want to have extramarital affairs, and it is not for people who have shady pasts and have committed fraud or anything else that involves a jail sentence.

Meet independent singles online

Like with many other online dating sites you can join for Free, then create your profile and browse and read other profiles.

Which is about as far as you can get before you have to pay a reasonable subscription fee to have full use of the major features that the dating site offers.

You get access to the full gallery of pictures, running an advanced search and most importantly using the guardian soulmate’s messaging email service.

There is no personality test on this site as such, just creating your profile which consists of answering a few questions and writing a bit about yourself.

Your profile will then be reviewed by a panel of moderators to view its suitability.

Guardian Soulmate Review

So be careful when you write your profile and don’t rush it because of your eagerness to start, please take your time and have a good think about it.

There is some information on how to create your profile on the Guardian Soulmates website.


Monthly subscription – £32 Three month subscription – £64 Six month subscription – £96

What does Guardian Soulmate offer me?

  • A simple easy to navigate no frills website.
  • A reputable dating site that is a member of the Online Dating Association.
  • You get to browse profiles before joining.
  • You can join and create your profile for free, and you can even search and browse other soulmates and read their profiles and add them to your list of soulmates you like.
  • Easy account set up and take down.
  • For Single unattached people only.
  • Thousands of success stories with marriages and babies galore.
  • A separate Gay Dating for Men.
  • A separate Lesbian Dating site.
  • Dating help and advice, from what to do on a first date to issues about anxiety.
  • There are plenty of restaurant reviews, but they tend to be focused in London.

Guardian Soulmate Review

Guardian Soulmate is a decent, honest, reputable online dating website that is worth trying out. (Clicking on the links opens up a new browser and takes you straight to the site)

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