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Tarot card readings are fun! There, I’ve said it! They are not supposed to be taken literally.Latin Tarot

The death card does not mean you are going to die. It has many meanings and one of them is about starting a new life/adventure/starting over again.

Some of the symbols used on the cards represent a feeling and have several different interpretations.

It may look sinister but the meaning behind it all should be taken in context to the original question asked. It is best to use the tarot as a guide for you to make the right choices in your life.

There are reports in prominent well-known newspapers like express.co.uk where they have reported that demonic possession is on the increase because people visit magicians and have Tarot Card readings?

“Officially there are no collected figures of exorcisms recorded on record, but Benigno Palilla (a Franciscan Friar) stated that people are getting more and more interested in studying the occult, visiting with Psychics and going to see magicians, and this he said, opens the door to being possessed!”

I can’t think of anything sillier than stating that these are the only reasons why this is happening!

I personally think that there is a lot more to this story and the mere fact that you have a tarot reading and this leads to a doorway opening to something demonic is simply covering up the fact that there are more sinister and evil things being done to people on a daily basis that has nothing to do with having your fortune read!

Being attacked by a narcissist is a real and terrifying horror that should be addressed, we should be allowed to take our evidence to a court to be able to acquire and seek justice. But we can’t because there is no physical evidence.

Anyway I’ve digressed enough!

Latin Tarot

Tarot cards are like a form of astrology more than anything else. I don’t understand this way of thinking! If you have any news on the matter then please comment below.

The Latin tarot is a website run by Dennis Lapierre and he uses impressive designs that probably date back to the mid-15th century. The Latin suits are from Southern Europe.

The virtual play is for entertainment purposes only.

I thought as I didn’t have a question in mind I would just let it get on with it and I would be able to see what it had to offer me.

Latin Tarot

The reading is self is the longest I’ve seen yet and it is divided up into four different sections. General approach, peculiarities, specific aspects – and last, synthesis.

Latin Tarot

It also includes my happiness indices.

These are trends that can vary from day today.

Love indices: 79%
Health indices: 69%
Money indices: 75%
Work indices: 80%
Relationship indices: 83%
Hobbies: 86%

Overall my happiness was 79%!! Seems fairly good, I think. Anyway according to Dennis it’s very favourable.

You then have a chance to have a look at your three paradoxes so I did.

Latin Tarot

It’s good that the page opens up a new tab that gives you a chance to go back and have a look at your previous reading.

The next reading consists of the three paradoxes, two divergences, two convergences and your subtlety. So you get a long reading and it’s all free, which is amazing!

Latin Tarot

It also has a coming days section at the end and mine were:

Tuesday 6 March – supreme love
Friday, March 9 – absolute love
Saturday, March 10 – strength, freeing
Monday, March 12 – battle, victory
Thursday, March 15 – battle, victory
Friday, March 16 – energy, vitality
Monday, March 19 – faith, reward
Tuesday, March 20 – strength, freeing

Latin Tarot


Next came the concern, I did not take a screenshot of this reading, but you can see from the pictures above that I have provided, that it is something similar to what I have already shown.

This was not a long reading, but it reiterated what was said before about me meeting a new person, we are meant to be soulmates, I think it’s a new friendship that is just round the corner.

Overall I did enjoy the experience.

It was just a bit of fun and I will take everything said with a pinch of salt!

So, have you had your reading done yet by Monsieur Lapierre? If you have please comment below and tell me what your experiences were and whether you would recommend this website to your friends?


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