Lovestruck Dating Site Review for 2016

Lovestruck dating site was made with the professional working person in mind. It was made for those out there who are strapped for time and this is my review of it.

Single Professionals tend to work odd and long hours and often find that they cannot commit the time to find a partner to settle down with, so lovestruck came up with an amazing concept.

They developed a system of ‘clever matching’. This system is like a powerful search engine that is constantly learning from your online behavioural activity (within the website).

What it does is it monitors how you interact with others on the website and uses that information combined with what you have written about yourself in your biography and melds them together to create a unique picture of what you are really after in a partner.

They also have an optional FREE ‘profile verification’ service that guarantee’s that you would get a much higher response rate if you also included this within your profile. Here is what Wikipedia have to say about it.

You may be wondering what the heck is profile verification, but it is a checking system just to make sure you are who you state you are, no fraudsters, no married people and no unemployed come any further.

I bet you are wondering what this amazing concept is that I first mentioned at the beginning, that is perfect for time-strapped professionals?

Lovestruck ‘matches time-strapped singles to others who work close by for quick coffee, lunch or after-work dates’.

You can arrange to meet your date in your lunch hour for a quick meet up. Lovestruck are the only dating site that match people up according to how far away they work from each other. It is a clever concept.

‘Our main market is London, but also have sites in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dublin. Abroad, we have sites in: Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, New York and Chicago’.

Lovestruck have some cute ideas like a date matching tool that could match you up with someone who likes the same things as you. And they arrange events ranging from bowling to free to attend social gatherings (parties) that attract nearly 1000 people each time they are held.

They have some fantastic articles about dating to read on their website and thousands of success stories for you to study and get motivated by.

lovestruck dating site review

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Lovestruck have won many awards and have been endorsed by The Daily Telegraph, The BBC, Men’s Health, CityA.M., Grazia and a whole host of high-profile news and magazines.

If you are a single professional and are living in a major city, then have a look at Lovestruck.

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