Narcissist dumped me – 7 Reasons Why You Had a Lucky Escape!

Narcissist dumped me - 7 reasons why you had a lucky escape

Why a narcissist dumped me?

A narcissist way of communicating any ideas to you is to do so in a dramatic way. It makes it highly entertaining for them and fun at the same time.

For a narcissist, it can turn a boring and dreary task into an exciting opportunity for them to have a feast on your misery.

You may at the time think why have they done this to you. It always seems that they do things at the worst possible time. Are people really like this, narcissists have a heart of stone.  They choose a particularly bad time for you, before a major event or when your luck is down, they hit you with this bombshell.

You may be in a state of shock at being dumped. With all the other natural stages of grief, you may be feeling right now. And you may not think that you have had a lucky escape, but believe me, you can now go out into this world and let go of all the restrictions this person made you go through like being happy and smiling for no god damn reason.

#1 Narcissists crave eternal adoration because they think they are special and deserve unwarranted love, respect and honour at all times. For this to show, you have to go out of your way to make sure your love and loyalty is seen by other people in front of the narcissist. If you dare show any respect, kindness to any other person this is seen by the narcissist as a betrayal. Be glad you do not have to put up with this silly game.

#2 Narcissists are always thinking about what other people can do for them. Other people are not humans they are objects to pick up and discard at a moments notice. Having being dumped by them means you are useless to them; you no longer serve a purpose for them. While this spells disaster for them for you, on the other hand, it is a complete blessing.

#3 Narcissists are jealous of just about everything you accomplish in your life, thank your lucky stars you don’t have to deal with this any longer.

#4 You have to conform to their particular way of thinking or else you will have a hard time, they punish you and belittle you until you give up and settle for an easier life.

#5 When a narcissist comes back to you it is probably better for you to ignore its pleas for forgiveness. Something had gone wrong in their new relationship, and you are still on their list of prospects. Your aim is to not be on their list. Using their behaviour on them usually, sorts them out.

#6 Don’t assume that just because this person has dumped you that they have completely forgotten about you. Make no mistake this person will be watching your every move to see if there are any signals that you are sending out to make it known to the narcissist that you are in some way missing their presence in your life.

#7 You are now in control of your destiny. Take this sign as a golden opportunity to run. Don’t look back and reminisce about the good old days when they were an entirely different person. For once think about yourself and your sanity and if they come back in your life for any reason, don’t communicate with them, for them this is the open door opportunity they are looking for to get back into your life.


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