Reinventing yourself after a breakup in 20 Easy Steps

Reinventing yourself after a breakup in 20 easy steps

One of the best things you can do for yourself after a breakup is to have a complete makeover. It is kind of like having an exorcism for your future life, yes it is that dramatic! Once you’ve made the break, you need to have a good clear out and just get rid of any reminders of your past life with your ex, because it will help you to start the process of reinventing yourself. Here are my favourite 20 easy steps you can take to get you on the path of recovery.

Reinventing yourself after a breakup in 20 easy steps


If you found that you didn’t have time for any hobbies while you were dating your ex, now you have broken up will be the perfect time to start some new ones. This YouTube video has lots of ideas that are low-cost for you to try.


Now is the time to try a new haircut, you know the one you sought to have when you and your ex-were still dating, but, he told you there was no way that you should get that done. Well, why are you waiting? Or why not try these heatless hair styles instead if you don’t want to be too dramatic.

New Sheets

Time to get new sheets if your old ones still remind you of the times you had together. You could try something outrageous, or go feminine with pink and flowers.

Making new friends   

If you found that during the split that a lot of your friends stopped speaking to you, then it is time to go out in the world and start making new ones. Below is a helpful Youtube video that gives you hints and tips on how to meet new people after your breakup.

Start a journal

Having a journal could be started at any age by anyone. It is not gendered specific, and it is a superb way to chronicle all the good that happens in your life. You could start it at any stage after your breakup and write about the good stuff that has happened to you. Turn negatives into life lessons learned.


I have heard countless times that exercise is a reliever of built up stress and it is true. Why not start a new exercise that you have never done before. Here is an example of a beginner’s guide to yoga. It is only 20 mins long, and you don’t need any special equipment to do it.

Clearing out part one

Pack up any of your ex’s stuff that he has left into a box that could be given to charity or handed back to him via a mutual friend.

Clearing out part two

If that still doesn’t remove any memories you could try this clearing ‘exorcise’ as well. It’s how to remove negative energy out of your home fast. This way may not be ‘conventional’, but it’s worth a go.

Reinventing yourself after a breakup in 20 easy steps


You could start in the bedroom first buying new sheets, and that can be the fastest way to getting your ex out of your mind. Why not repaint your bedroom and living area the colours that you want. The smell of fresh paint makes everything smell new again, and since you are choosing the colour yourself, it is certain to make you feel like you have started again.


Go on holiday. There are specialised holiday tour operators that cater for the solo traveller. It is a good way to get yourself out there and meet new people and enjoy new experiences without feeling that you are missing out on life.

Reinventing yourself after a breakup in 20 easy steps


A good way of reinventing yourself after a breakup is to learn something new. Have you always dreamed of getting your masters degree, or you fancied learning about pottery, or art history, then you have only yourself stopping you.

Change your wardrobe

This one is self-explanatory, but it’s your time to reinvent yourself, so you could go for a look or a type of style that is completely the opposite of what you have now.


Learning to meditate is one of the best things you can do to make sure that when you do reinvent yourself, you stay there. It is so easy to slip back into familiar habits, so when you reinforce your new habits in the form of meditation and self-affirmations, your new habits then will be more familiar to you and will be more automatic.

Go to a Spa

Or get a facial and a massage. This will help you feel good about yourself and allow you to concentrate on you.

Reassess your life goals

Your life goals need to change for obvious reasons. If you don’t have any particular goals you want to achieve then now is the time to write them down.

Try something new your ex would have hated

Now is the time to do that certain thing that you knew would upset your ex, or you knew he wouldn’t like, this will feel liberating for you and will boost your confidence.

Start a new routine.

You could start waking up earlier and getting all of your exercise/housework completed before you start work. Or if you are used to traveling by car to work, then maybe you could take up bicycling instead, or walking. You could become a regular host and organise dinner parties once a week to complete strangers or your friends. The sky is the limit!


When you were dating your ex, perhaps you turned down promotions at work because you wanted to spend more time with your partner who insisted that you devote more time to him. Now that you have broken up you can concentrate more on your career, or find a new job.

Making decisions

Compromise is part of making a relationship flow better and to make it more harmonious. Often it can lead to frustrations and resentments. Take advantage of your new-found freedom and rediscover what it Is like to be able to make whatever decision that suits you.

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Reinventing yourself after a breakup takes guts, and lots of help to get yourself there. You have plenty of free time so why not build a collection of self-help books to make your transition easier for yourself. You could start at the library, and if you found the book to be useful, then you can then buy it for yourself at places like Amazon or Waterstones.

Reinventing yourself after a breakup in 20 easy steps

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