Why Yogadownload Will Change Your Life

Why Yogadownload will change your life

What is Yogadownload?

Yogadownload Review

Yogadownload is a place to go on the internet if you are a fan of yoga, or if you have been curious about yoga and always wanted to try it.

It has just about every style of yoga exercise you could think of in fact it has twenty-seven different types of yoga from Forrest Yoga to Jivamukti Yoga. There is so much to this site that you will just have to go and have a look yourself. It is hard to believe that they could pack so much into it but they have, and it will keep you occupied for months on end. You certainly will not be bored at all!


What is yoga?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word, and its origin is from Hindu religion that promotes wellness within yourself. It encourages meditation and breathing exercises that create inner calm, well-being, strength and flexibility. There has been proven scientific research done on the benefits of yoga. It is beneficial for everyone and especially people who suffer from heart disease, stress, high blood pressure and lower back pain to incorporate this into their fitness routines as more of a strengthening exercise rather than aerobic.

I have always been a fan of exercise DVD’s, but this takes training to the next level, rather than just buying one DVD at a time and getting sick of doing the same repetitive movements, you have a chance to do many different styles from the many professional teachers that they have got.

Take advantage of the FREE classes they have on offer the top 11 are written below. There are 118 altogether!

#1 – Power Yoga

Yoga Rocks Bootcamp: The Quickie – Eric Paskel

Level – Advanced Beginner

#2 – Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga for everyone – Guru Jagat

Level – Beginner

#3 – Meditation

Learn to Meditate – Alanna Kaivalya

Level – All levels

#4 – Hatha Yoga

Daily Decompression – Jakie Casal Mahrou

Level – All Levels

#5 – Meditation

A sacred commitment – April Laliberte

Level – All levels

#6 – Bhakti Yoga

Rockin’ Bhakti – Christen Bakken

Level – All Levels

#7 – Office Yoga

Go time – Dia Draper

Level – All Levels

#8 – Power Yoga

Fitness ’n’ Yoga – Ben Davis

Level – All Levels

#9 – Hatha Yoga

Yoga Break for Writer’s Block – Claire Petretti Marti

Level – All Levels

#10 – Power Yoga

Moon Salutations – Kristin Gibowicz

Level – Adv. Beginner and up

#11 – Align and Flow

Align and Flow – Jack Cuneo

Level – Adv. Beginner and up

What do Yogadownload offer?

  • There are eleven teachers.
  • Many different styles of yoga well nine to be precise.
  • You can choose various class length according to what time you have allocated times range from 5 minutes to 80 minutes.
  • You can choose what level you want from beginner up to advanced intermediate.
  • How intensely do you want to work out? Yogadownload have: Ahhhhh, Everyday Namaste. You’ll feel it and Bring a towel!
  • There are different channels, and you can decide what your core objective is and what part of your body do you want to concentrate on. Examples are Abs, Detox, Strengthen & tone, Yoga for back pain, Yoga for waking up, Yoga for weight loss and many more objectives.

Why not try a Two week trial for $1?

  1. For an incredible price, you get to try an unlimited streaming of every class.
  2. 4 FREE downloads.
  3. Then you get a special offer of 50% off of all of the programs and packages available if you sign up on a monthly or yearly basis!

Why not have a look now! Just click on the icon below and sign up for a two-week trial. You won’t regret it!

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